Off The Grid - Part 1 : A Case Study

Off The Grid - Part 1: A Case Study

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This one hour educational video is part one of a two part case study focusing on an off the grid residence in northern Washington. We will explore sustainable design issues and discover how this project comes to fruition. With a focus on reducing environmental impacts, the course delves into the design strategies associated with off the grid principles such as on-site renewable energy, rainwater harvesting, and renewable regional materials. Interviews with owners, architect and the construction team will provide informative narrative and lessons learned during the process. This course is in video format and requires audio/video capabilities. Following the course, participants will partake in a brief 10 question quiz for assessment.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Describe a net zero building and how it reduces energy consumption for users
  2. Compare and contrast urban and rural living and the dangers of living off the grid in a remote area. Discuss the design challenges associated with an off the grid project
  3. Discuss the 2030 challenge and how it addresses climate change
  4. List the benefits of wood products in this sustainable project
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(00) Special Topics
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Narrated Video
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