James Hardie

Developing and Building Sustainably with Fiber Cement Siding

This course on fiber cement siding defines the 4 D’s of Wall Design and explains the sustainable attributes such as improved indoor air quality, longevity, embodied energy, LCA parameters, and climate zoned cladding.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Illustrate the design decisions that affect enclosure systems
  2. List the 4 D’s of Wall Design
  3. Describe how water management and durability improve longevity of cladding
  4. Compare and contrast embodied energy and recurring embodied energy
  5. Define Life Cycle Assessment and describe the system analysis parameters
  6. Describe climate zoned cladding and list the environmental criteria for each of the zones
  7. Describe the environmental concerns regarding Toxicity, VOC’s and Painting and how these can be best addressed
Design Category: 
(07) Thermal and Moisture Protection
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Slide Show - With Audio
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