Steel: Green Now, Green Forever - Building With Recycled Materials

Learn about the sustainable advantages of building with steel. Discover how specifying steel can contribute to LEED credits as well as compliance with International Green Construction Code (IgCC) requirements.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Explain basic steel production, the role of recycled steel in this process, and the environmental benefits
  2. Describe construction products made from recycled steel and the advantages of steel construction,including doors and frames
  3. Discuss the features and applications of steel doors and frames
  4. List LEED credits available when building with steel
  5. Describe the integration of the International Green Construction Code (IGCC)
Design Category: 
(08) Doors, Windows and Openings
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10 Multiple Choice and True/False Questions
A score of 80% or higher is required to receive a certificate of completion