Sustainable Washroom Design for Partitions and Accessories (Beyond LEED)

Optimizing the true overall sustainability of a washroom requires the design professional to evaluate many dimensions of partitions and accessories beyond basic LEED Criteria, including: Other Green Features, Maintainability, Durability, Initial & Total Lifecycle Cost, and Aesthetics.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Discuss why achieving true sustainability in a washroom requires evaluation of more than just LEED points when specifying partitions and accessories
  2. Explain how the materials specified for washroom partitions and accessories can effect overall washroom sustainability
  3. Talk about the characteristics of the most common materials used, and better understand the tradeoffs in durability, aesthetics, maintenance, user safety and total lifecycle cost
  4. Understand that some widely-held perceptions and assumptions about common washroom materials are misguided
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