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LEED Management for New Construction and Core & Shell Projects

This course will teach design team members and owners how to integrate sustainable design and related LEED tasks into standard design phases. We will discuss which LEED credits should be addressed in each design phase, and new feasibility, analysis and meetings that should be accounted for in budgets and scheduling. The course will also review the LEED Application process, and present tips on using LEED Online to manage the LEED documentation process.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Identify how LEED tasks can be integrated into standard design phases to address sustainability concerns
  2. Review tips to make LEED easier
  3. Distinguish between the varying roles of design team members and how these roles can help address various environmental concerns for a project
  4. Identify the steps in the LEED Application process
  5. Describe how LEED Online can be used as a valuable LEED management tool and track healthy building materials for the project
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Narrated Video
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10 Multiple Choice and True/False Questions

A score of 80% or higher is required to receive a certificate of completion