3W Studio

3WStudio, LLC, provides professional services to help contractors, subcontractors, owners, architects, engineers, and lawyers according to national standards. The services available are set according to the standards of AIA, CSI, AGC, DOJ, ADA, ANSI, LEED and many others. We will create or teach you how to make CSI format specifications, submittals, pay requests, shop drawings, requests for information (RFI'S), change order requests (COR'S), and more. We assist in preparation for arbitration and job meetings. We explain how to respond to job related paperwork, and explain 'The Rules'; contract documents, drawings, and specifications. We will act as a field representative for the owner, contractor, architect, engineer, or subcontractor, provide construction administration, observation, field reports, documentation, code review & analysis, expert witness testimonry, and arbitration & negotiation.