Lendall Mains

Lendall Mains

Lendall Mains is a Project Manager and an international architect with over 30 years of experience. He specializes in accessibilities design and specifications. He has completed a multitude of projects for accessibility including fully accessibility restrooms, elevators, site accessibility and universal design throughout the US. Lendall has been responsible for supervising, surveying and documentation for bring existing facilities up to ADA and 504 compliance. He has organized design and construction manuals for municipal and private clients including ADA and 504 compliance. He has also completed ADA and 504 reviews for housing, offices, schools, airports, hotel casinos, hospitals, pools and parks.

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Accessible Routes

ADAAG uses several terms to describe different types of pedestrian routes or paths through a given facility. These include: Circulation Path, Accessible Route, Path of Travel and Accessible Path of Travel. Accessibility is not limited to buildings; it is an extension of the route to the site and circulation through the site and buildings. In this course, we will review and discuss the design requirements of accessible routes.

  • 1 AAA Structured Learning Hour
  • 1 ADA Accessibility / Barrier-Free Req.
  • 1 AIA HSW/LU CE Hour
  • 1 AIBD CE Hour
  • 1 OAA Structured Learning Hour
  • 1 SAA Core Learning Hour