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Breathe Easy: Strategies to Support Healthy Indoor Air - Update

In this one-hour course, the participant will discover the importance of high quality indoor air, factors that contribute to quality, and strategies to support the health of construction workers and occupants. Consider the heavy emphasis placed on indoor air quality in LEED credit allocations, and learn how to design and implement indoor air quality management, best practices, and assessments that can help achieve LEED credits.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. List applicable IAQ LEED credits and discuss strategies for achievement in both the Design and Construction Phases of a LEED Project
  2. Demonstrate the Indoor Air Quality measures that should be addressed for any IAQ Management Plan and illustrate what a typical IAQ Management Plan looks like and define all applicable IAQ credits that should be addressed both before occupancy and post-occupancy and explain strategies for implementation of these credits
  3. Describe the difference between IEQ and IAQ and explain how IAQ credits are allocated within the LEED BD+C categories
  4. Articulate best practices when implementing a Construction IAQ Management Plan
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Narrated Video
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