Green building off the grid

Off the Grid Part 2 - A Case Study

This one hour documentary is part two of a case study focusing on an off the grid residence in northern Washington. The course explores how to calculate a solar array, PV panel installation strategies for different types of roofs, harvesting renewable materials on site, and composting toilets vs. septic tanks. Exclusive interviews with solar pioneers Bill and Lanny Sinkin provide insight into the future of solar energy. Interviews with the owners, architect and the construction team will provide an informative narrative on lessons learned during the process.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Calculate a solar array size
  2. Discuss the different roofing installation options for PV panels
  3. Explain the benefits of installing PV panels on a metal roof
  4. Compare and contrast septic & composting toilets
  5. List the components of a solar system
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