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LEED v4 Quality Views: A Comprehensive Analysis - Update

This course is written to educate design professionals on the amendments of LEEDv4 in comparison to its earlier editions, and will allow them to understand the core reasons behind these changes. The course delves into LEED EQ Credit: Quality Views in an in depth and comprehensive manner to instruct the professional on the true definition of the credit requirements as well as its intent. The course will also provide strategies for the design professional to successfully incorporate quality views into their designs when applicable to the project.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. List the LEED intent and requirements for EQ Credit: Quality Views and how it benefits occupants
  2. Discover strategies and tactics to employ to successfully achieve EQ Credit: Quality Views such as creating unobstructed views to boost occupant performance
  3. Identify several changes between LEED v4 and previous LEED iterations
  4. Evaluate and score views according to "Windows and Offices; A Study of Office Worker Performance and the Indoor Environment" which focuses on occupant performance
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Narrated Video
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