A Building Product Rep Credo

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Mar 12, 2018
A Building Product Rep Credo

The job of every sales person is to generate revenue for a company. The most important factor in every business are customers. Customers pay the bills, pay salaries, bonuses, health insurance, office tools and resources, etc. The number one mission for every sales person is to get and keep customers. According to author Jeffery Fox, the following are some of the most important rules for sales reps.

Treat Great Customers Like Your Friends

It’s crucial to have a good relationship with your customers. Architects, specifiers, contractors, engineers, interior designers, etc. need to be listened to and their needs need to be met. Building product reps need to deliver what the customers need. Whether that’s 3 part guide specs, product samples, AIA continuing education course about the product, or other technical information.

Show Your Customers What Value They Get

Customers need to see how your price relates to the value of your building product. In a previous blog, we discussed why product manufacturers shouldn't reduce their prices. Instead of decreasing the price of a product, a manufacturer should add value to their product. Cutting prices reduces profits.

Make Your Products the Way Customers Want Them

Architects, designers, specifiers, and other design professionals want building products that meet their needs. Contractors want products that will arrive on time. Owners want products that meet their quality and price expectations.

Thank Your Customers Sincerely & Often

Customers that use your building products time and time again need to be thanked. Building product reps should work tirelessly to improve their relationships with architects, contractors, engineers, and owners.

Overall, customers must have a strong reason to work with a specific building product manufacturer. Customers will only use your product if you can solve their problems. The trick is figuring out what those problems are. How does your company ensure a successful outcome with customers?

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