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the Spec Shaman - HPDs

Health Product Declarations (HPDs) provide a standardized way of reporting the material contents of building products, and the health effects associated with these materials. HPDs can contribute points in LEED v4, WELL rating system, and provide information for mindful MATERIALS. Top AEC firms in the U.S. have already begun requesting HPDs from manufacturers. HPDs can help building product manufacturers get specified. The blog posts are intended to educate manufacturers, designers, students, and professionals about HPDs.

On: Jun 22, 2022 By: Brad Blank
LEED v4.1 is still in the beta phase and has not officially launched. However, several AEC firms across the country are using LEED v4.1 for current projects. How will LEED v4.1 affect building product manufacturers in the future?  Overview of LEED v4.1
On: Feb 4, 2022 By: Brad Blank
LEED project
The USGBC has announced the top ten states ranked by LEED certified projects for 2021. In 2021, the top ten states, with the addition of the District of Columbia, certified 1,105 projects and more than 247 million gross square feet under LEED. Did your products get specified in the states listed?
On: Aug 25, 2021 By: Brad Blank
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way building product manufacturers get their products specified. Economic hardships, loss of jobs, remote working practices, and other significant obstacles have challenged manufacturers and their ability to reach decision makers. What strategies should manufacturers use to reach the decision makers?
On: Aug 3, 2021 By: Brad Blank
The COVID-19 pandemic devastated the global economy in 2020. The pandemic inflicted severe damage to the construction industry and caused manufacturing job losses, delayed several high dollar projects, and struck fear into many manufacturers. The good news is that vaccines have been rolled out across the country and helped return the AEC industry back to some form of normalcy.
On: Jun 22, 2021 By: Brad Blank
WELL has become one of the fastest growing building rating systems in the country. There are several opportunities for building product manufacturers to get specified on WELL projects. We will identify strategies and documentation that can help manufacturers increase their specification opportunities. What Is The WELL Building Standard?
On: May 17, 2021 By: Brad Blank
product specification
How is your company reaching the key decision makers to get your products specified? What strategies are you using to educate design professionals about your products? What metrics does the American Institute of Architects (AIA) use to show that continuing education has the most impact on specifiers? Let’s find out.
On: Apr 12, 2021 By: Brad Blank
Division 9 Specs
How can you get your wall, ceiling, paint, and flooring products specified on LEED v4 projects? What strategies will help you increase your specification opportunities for sustainable design projects? Let’s dive in . . .
On: Apr 7, 2021 By: Brad Blank
specification strategy
What are specification strategies that can help your company gain market share? What tactics can improve your building product rep’s chances in the field? We list several strategies that may help you reach your specification goals and change the way you think about marketing your products. Develop an AIA CE course that can be delivered online, as a webinar, and face-to-face.
On: Apr 5, 2021 By: Brad Blank
How can you get your rainscreen, siding, and roofing products specified on LEED v4 projects? What strategies will help you increase your specification opportunities for sustainable design projects? Let’s dive in . . .
On: Apr 1, 2021 By: Brad Blank
masonry specifications
Getting your masonry products specified for LEED projects isn’t rocket science. First of all, you need to manufacture a great masonry product. For example, if your CMU block is a cheap knock-off of a competitor’s product riddled with design deficiencies, filled with toxic substances, and assembled by underage children in a country ruled by a ruthless dictator, then you might want to rethink your plan.


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Finally, GreenCE helps manufacturers develop Health Product Declarations (HPDs), LEED v4 product documentation, mindful MATERIALS documentation, Google Portico documentation, and Declare Labels. We value our relationships with design professionals and building product manufacturers. They are crucial to our success.