Spec Shaman - LEED v4

Spec Shaman - LEED v4

The LEED v4 rating system is the most successful and widely used green building rating system on the planet. The LEED v4 blog posts are for building product manufacturers, architects, students, and other professionals who wish to learn more about LEED certification. The blog topics include: LEED specifications, LEED exam prep, LEED points, and other green building issues. Users are encouraged to comment on the blogs and provide an interactive experience. Guest bloggers are always welcome and can contact us for blog submission information.

On: Sep 16, 2020 By: GreenCE, Inc.
Architectural education is one of the few fields that can almost assuredly never be considered “obsolete”. As long as humans are going to exist, we will almost surely need architects to help plan and oversee the construction of buildings. Traditionally, this was done with in-person classes in order to meet the 18 hours required by the American Institute of Architects (AIA).
On: Sep 4, 2020 By: Brad Blank
Design professionals are in a unique position to develop and distribute mitigation strategies to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. As the country began a lockdown in March 2020, public officials scrambled to provide guidance on how facilities would re-open, the processes that would allow businesses and schools to safely welcome back occupants, and a measured response to protect the public’s health.
On: Aug 19, 2020 By: Brad Blank
The USGBC has launched six new pilot LEED v4.1 credits to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic. The credits aim to assist project teams to provide healthy spaces, and to help with re-entry into the workplace. The LEED credits list sustainable best practices that coordinate with public health and industry guidelines related to cleaning and disinfecting, re-entering the workplace, HVAC and plumbing operations.
On: Aug 5, 2020 By: Brad Blank
Samurai specifications
The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the construction industry, resulting in massive layoffs, canceled and postponed building projects, and significant economic damage that will last for years. Building product manufacturers have been especially hard as the crisis has decimated the AEC landscape and left many in economic trouble and a few on the verge of collapse. We will explore strategies to combat market share loss and succeed during the crisis.
On: Jul 1, 2020 By: Brad Blank
Building product manufacturers have been severely impacted by the ongoing pandemic crisis sweeping the nation. Significant challenges face manufacturers in 2020 and potentially for years to come as life and business has been upended by the ongoing crisis. How can manufacturers stay afloat and succeed during these difficult times? Let’s find out . . . Economic Challenges For Product Manufacturers
On: Jun 12, 2020 By: Brad Blank
Safety First Pilot Credits
The USGBC has launched four new Safety First Pilot Credits in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The credits contain sustainable best practices that relates to public health and industry guidelines related to cleaning and disinfecting, workplace re-occupancy, HVAC and plumbing operations. We will provide an examination of the LEED v4.1 credits and how they can help project teams.
On: May 25, 2020 By: Brad Blank
The USGBC has announced it will update LEED v4.1 to address the challenges posed by the pandemic crisis. USGBC has stated that COVID-19 has changed the landscape forever and it will now help businesses and governments prepare to recalibrate and recover from this vulnerable moment. The USGBC will promote the concept of healthy buildings and a healthy workforce.
On: Jan 31, 2020 By: Veer Mudambi
As green building activity continues to increase steadily across the world, it is a promising time for building product manufacturers (BPMs). According to a report by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), Fifty seven percent of building owners are planning to make the majority of their projects green by 2021.
On: Jan 20, 2020 By: Brad Blank
Circular Economy
How do we create a circular economy? How can LEED v4.1 help support the reduction of waste streams in manufacturing? These are critical issues as we seek to maximize the triple bottom approach. The risks of not doing anything are severe and the rewards of integrating these strategies could help redefine what sustainable manufacturing is.
On: Jan 8, 2020 By: Brad Blank
AIA Course Tips
It’s the dawn of 2020 and an exciting time for building product manufacturers to get their products specified. The industry is advancing via BIM, drones, robotics, and other exciting technological enhancements. Yet, many manufacturers are using AIA courses that look like they were created in the Stone Age. Avoid losing face and take the plunge to revise your antediluvian AIA course.


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