Brad Blank

Brad Blank

Brad Blank
Vice-President and Media Director

Brad has worked with building product manufacturers, architects, engineers, and specifiers for over fifteen years. Having made architectural specification calls for numerous building product manufacturers, Brad understands first-hand the importance of being able to offer proof of a product's sustainability claims. He obtained his M.F.A. from the University of Miami graduate film program. After working as a producer, writer, and director in the motion picture industry in Los Angeles, Brad turned his attention to the education market. As Media Director for GreenCE, Brad has created several video continuing education courses on topics such as Net Zero Energy Building Certification™ (NZEB), LEED Platinum schools, and Health Product Declarations (HPDs). He oversees our video services which include: concept & development, script writing, production, and post-production.

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Modular Beauty: Low Impact Development and Permeable Pavers

Low Impact Development (LID) has several advantages over traditional storm water management approaches. Since impervious pavement is the main source of storm water runoff, LID strategies recommend permeable paving for hard surfaces. The course discusses LID, its goals and principles, and how they are achieved. It provides an overview of permeable pavements, and more particularly, plastic permeable grid paver systems and how they support LID goals.

  • 1 AAA Core Learning PDH
  • 1 AIA HSW/LU CE Hour
  • 1 AIBD CE Hour
  • 1 GBCI General Hour for LEED Professionals
  • 1 OAA Structured Learning Hour
  • 1 SAA Core Learning Hour

The Spec Shaman

On: Jun 20, 2018
Ron Blank & Associates and Sustainable Minds Announce Collaboration

This strategic partnership will help design professionals find the best products and benefit building product manufacturers through increased access to the design community.

On: Jun 18, 2018

“Improving time and territory management is an example of doing the wrong thing right. Time and territory management is an archaic concept relevant for both door-to-door and route salespeople,” says author Jeffery Fox. Does time and territory management misdirect salespeople? Let’s find out . . .

On: Jun 11, 2018

Has your company spent a fortune on a continuing education course that fails to provide great ROI? Are you ready to increase your product specification opportunities? Building product manufacturers are working with slimmer budgets and have more responsibilities on their plates. They need as much help as they can to promote their products and get specified. Today we’ll dive into the reasons why many AIA courses stink and what to do about it.

On: Jun 4, 2018

Have you spent a small fortune developing your AIA continuing education course only to see it bomb? Are your course participation numbers as bad as Steven Seagal’s acting? Building product manufacturers spend significant budget money on developing AIA courses and the last thing you want to happen is for the course to flop.

On: May 29, 2018

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower,” said Steve Jobs. Recently, I had the opportunity to spend three days at TOTO’s North American headquarters in Morrow, Georgia. TOTO’s manufacturing facility is a technological marvel and exemplifies the highest standards for sustainable manufacturing practices in the industry. It’s also the cleanest manufacturing facility I’ve ever visited.

On: May 21, 2018

The best salespeople see everyone in the world as a potential customer. Everyone knows someone. They know someone that can become a customer or a referral. Product reps should treat all noncustomers as existing clients.

On: May 14, 2018

“Customers always have concerns or issues that must be satisfied before they will buy,” says author Jeffrey Fox. He notes that customers are concerned about price, delivery, reliability, size, color, warranty, and other issues.

On: May 8, 2018

“Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too,” said mountaineer W.H. Murray.

On: Apr 30, 2018

Kryptonite is the Achilles’ Heel of Superman. The radioactive substance can kill America’s favorite superhero. Sometimes a building product can seem like kryptonite to an architect or contractor. They will run away screaming if you try to select the forbidden product for a new building project.

On: Apr 25, 2018

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few,” said Spock. The brilliant Vulcan was the science officer aboard the Starship Enterprise on its mission to explore strange new worlds—to seek out new life and new civilization. Spock’s intellect, vast knowledge, and use of logic makes him the perfect candidate to evaluate building products.