Brad Blank

Brad Blank

Brad Blank
Vice-President and Media Director

Brad has worked with building product manufacturers, architects, engineers, and specifiers for over fifteen years. Having made architectural specification calls for numerous building product manufacturers, Brad understands first-hand the importance of being able to offer proof of a product's sustainability claims. He obtained his M.F.A. from the University of Miami graduate film program. After working as a producer, writer, and director in the motion picture industry in Los Angeles, Brad turned his attention to the education market. As Media Director for GreenCE, Brad has created several video continuing education courses on topics such as Net Zero Energy Building Certification™ (NZEB), LEED Platinum schools, and Health Product Declarations (HPDs). He oversees our video services which include: concept & development, script writing, production, and post-production.

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Modular Beauty: Low Impact Development and Permeable Pavers

Low Impact Development (LID) has several advantages over traditional storm water management approaches. Since impervious pavement is the main source of storm water runoff, LID strategies recommend permeable paving for hard surfaces. The course discusses LID, its goals and principles, and how they are achieved. It provides an overview of permeable pavements, and more particularly, plastic permeable grid paver systems and how they support LID goals.

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The Spec Shaman

On: Apr 1, 2019

LEED v4.1 Exam Prep is designed to help you pass the LEED v4.1 exam the first time. The USGBC launched the LEED v4.1 BD+C draft on December 17, 2018. The USGBC has stated that LEED v4.1 will be the most inclusive and transparent ratings platform to date. How will the LEED v4.1 exam be different from the current one? Let’s take a look . . .

On: Mar 13, 2019
Homerun: Testing Building Products with a Baseball Bat

Quality is not an act, it is a habit. Testers don’t like to break things; they like to dispel the illusion that things work. You can see a lot by just looking. These are all proverbs from thinkers, visionaries, and designers about quality. First, solve the problem and then create the product. Let’s review some extreme product testing stories…

On: Mar 5, 2019
Building Product Specification Do’s and Dont’s

That old cliché, “Time is money”, has never been proven false. The more time spent on something, the more necessary a good ROI is. This is true in any industry, even our personal lives. And time is one of the most valuable resources a building product rep has. Time poorly spent leads to empty ambitions. Product reps have a limited amount of time. 24 hours each day. Nobody has more time than another. Productivity all comes down to how a product rep utilizes their time. Time is money.

On: Feb 22, 2019
Hijacked: How Building Product Manufacturers Lose Customers

Building product manufacturers should spend time acquiring new customers but not at the expense of existing customers. As the old saying goes, it’s less expensive to keep an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. Don’t let your customers slip away due to preventable mistakes.

On: Feb 14, 2019

One of the most effective marketing tools a building product manufacturer can use is webinars. There are more education benefits in a one-hour webinar than any other sales and marketing option. They drive person to person interaction, they generate high quality leads, they advertise your company as a trusted resource, they increase your audience, and they help build a solid customer base. Webinars should be an essential part of your long term marketing plan.

On: Feb 4, 2019
4 Reasons Why Building Product Brands Fail

Successful building products are the result of not only meeting customer’s expectations but cementing a positive brand experience in the user’s brain. A negative experience can taint a product brand and reduce specification opportunities. Very successful brands form a positive emotional experience with the end user. Why do some brands fail?

On: Jan 29, 2019
LEED v4.1 For BD+C and ID+C Is Now Open for Registration

The USGBC has launched registration for both new construction projects as well as interior spaces with LEED v4.1 BD+C and LEED v4.1 ID+C. Focused on implementation, the USGBC states that LEED v4.1 is accessible, user-friendly and an agile tool. To participate, users can register LEED Online and review the LEED v4.1 Beta Guide.

On: Jan 22, 2019
3 Reasons Why Trust Is Crucial Between Manufacturers and Architects

Being trustworthy is crucial for a building product manufacturer. It’s good business practice, it saves time, and everyone is happy when people tell the truth. Fear is what generally causes someone to be untrustworthy. Fear can magnify itself and reduce a product rep’s productivity and possibly lead to the individual not being trustworthy. Let’s examine why trust is crucial between manufacturers and architects.

On: Jan 9, 2019
How LEED v4.1 Could Affect Building Product Manufacturers

How will LEED v4.1 affect building product manufacturers? What new requirements, benefits, and opportunities exist in the proposed update to the LEED rating system? Let’s look at major changes to the LEED v4 BD+C rating system.

On: Dec 12, 2018
How No-Cost LEED Exam Prep Can Help Building Product Reps Succeed

Several building product manufacturers still have no sustainability expert or advocate in 2018. It’s hard to believe that there are still major product manufacturers and many small to medium sized companies that have nobody on their team that is versed in LEED or green building. The companies that do have sustainability champions and LEED professionals on their staff usually have greater specification opportunities than those who have nothing.