Brad Blank

Brad Blank

Brad Blank
Vice-President and Media Director

Brad has worked with building product manufacturers, architects, engineers, and specifiers for over fifteen years. Having made architectural specification calls for numerous building product manufacturers, Brad understands first-hand the importance of being able to offer proof of a product's sustainability claims. He obtained his M.F.A. from the University of Miami graduate film program. After working as a producer, writer, and director in the motion picture industry in Los Angeles, Brad turned his attention to the education market. As Media Director for GreenCE, Brad has created several video continuing education courses on topics such as Net Zero Energy Building Certification™ (NZEB), LEED Platinum schools, and Health Product Declarations (HPDs). He oversees our video services which include: concept & development, script writing, production, and post-production.

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Modular Beauty: Low Impact Development and Permeable Pavers

Low Impact Development (LID) has several advantages over traditional storm water management approaches. Since impervious pavement is the main source of storm water runoff, LID strategies recommend permeable paving for hard surfaces. The course discusses LID, its goals and principles, and how they are achieved. It provides an overview of permeable pavements, and more particularly, plastic permeable grid paver systems and how they support LID goals.

  • 1 AAA Core Learning PDH
  • 1 AIA HSW/LU CE Hour
  • 1 AIBD CE Hour
  • 1 GBCI General Hour for LEED Professionals
  • 1 OAA Structured Learning Hour
  • 1 SAA Core Learning Hour

The Spec Shaman

On: Sep 4, 2018
How E-Business and Customer Empowerment Affects Building Product Manufacturers

There are three primary components of e-business that affect building product manufacturers. E-commerce, e-shopping, and e-customer service. All these components existed in the pre-internet age but in old school market behaviors. E-business has empowered the customer like never before. Customer empowerment has changed the marketplace forever.

On: Aug 28, 2018
Awesome Attributes of a Building Product Rep

It is crucial that building product reps ask the right questions in meetings with design professionals. The building product rep must understand the customer’s concerns, objections, budget, timeline, needs, etc. It is important that a building rep determines the client’s major problems and how to solve them.

On: Aug 20, 2018
The Hierarchy of Manufacturer Building Product Reps

According to author Steven Pressfield, in the animal kingdom, individuals define themselves in one of two ways- by their rank or by their connection to a territory. Many people define themselves in society according to a pecking order like a wolf pack. Others define themselves in the hierarchy by their connection to territory such as a home base or hunting territory. How does this theory apply to building product reps?

On: Aug 13, 2018
4 Steps to Getting Your Building Products Specified

Are there four magic steps to getting your product specified? According to best-selling author Jeffery Fox, there are four steps to every sale. Product reps should always be working on these various steps through the work day to close any deal. What are the four steps of every deal that can be applied to getting specified?

On: Aug 10, 2018
The Adverse Effects of Specification Supplements

Do you need a prescription for your condition? Are your products not getting specified? Are you suffering adverse effects due to specification starvation like lost revenue, bankruptcy, or losing your log cabin on beautiful Lake Eerie? Specification supplements maybe the answer for you.

On: Aug 7, 2018
5 Signs of Visionary Product Manufacturers and How They Avoid Extinction

How does a building product manufacturer avoid extinction? As the marketplace changes from the age of the seller to the age of the customer, the rules of the game have dramatically changed. Only visionary manufacturers stand a chance of succeeding in the 21st century. What are the 5 signs of a visionary product manufacturer?

On: Jul 27, 2018
How Risk Simulation, Uncertainty, and Randomness May Affect Building Product Manufacturers

How can building product manufacturers distinguish between luck and skill? How can product reps determine if their specification efforts got them specified on a large NFL football stadium or if it was simply chance and good luck? Being at the right place at the right time. We’ve all seen the lucky fool who benefitted from a disproportionate share of luck but attributed their success to their skillset.

On: Jul 23, 2018
Product Manufacturer’s LEED Certification Update and Specification Strategies

Building product manufacturers have many new specification opportunities in 2018, especially for green building projects. The USGBC has released the LEED Certification Update for the second quarter of 2018. The data suggests golden opportunities for manufacturers who are smart, proactive, and manufacture awesome products.

On: Jul 18, 2018
3 Mistakes Building Product Manufacturers Make with Specifiers

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end us someplace else,” said Yogi Berra. The baseball legend was one of only five players ever to win the MVP award at least three times. He became one of the best players in the league and manufacturers can learn a lot from his wisdom. Sometimes building product manufacturers get lost in the day to day circus of life. There’s quotas to meet, fires to put out, egos to massage, and a host of other baloney.

On: Jul 10, 2018
Critical Reasons Why Building Product Manufacturers Become Anxious

Change is the only constant in life. Currently, we are witnessing one of the most significant changes in history. Business practices that worked 20 years ago now look antiquated and are destined to fail. Building product manufacturers can become anxious when trying to navigate the current marketplace.