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Building product manufacturers who want to get specified by architects can find strategies and suggestions in our weekly blog posts. Building product specification is crucial for manufacturers and our team offers the best resources available. Blog post topics include: 3 part CSI guide specifications, AIA continuing education, and building product rep training. Building product manufacturers who want to get their products specified can check our platform every week for valuable information about the AEC industry. Guest bloggers are always welcome. Please contact us for submission information and requirements.

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On: Jun 17, 2019 By: Brad Blank
How LEED v4.1 Affects Interior Design Projects
What is LEED v4.1? LEED v4.1 is the most comprehensive, collaborative, accessible and effective LEED system to date. LEED v4.1 improves energy performance, emphasizes human health, and integrative building design. How will LEED v4.1 affect the interior design of projects?
On: Jun 10, 2019 By: Brad Blank
Direct Impact: Why Your AIA Course Is Not Increasing Product Specifications
Are you happy with only 30 architects a month taking your AIA course? Do specifiers have to read your AIA course like a college term paper? Many building product manufacturers waste precious budgetary dollars on underperforming AIA courses that offer low ROI and don’t increase product specification opportunities.
On: Jun 4, 2019 By: Brad Blank
3 Reasons Why Your National Sales Manager Should Be Fired
What’s your biggest specification struggle and how are you trying to solve it? What specification strategies do you have up your sleeve that could help save time and money for your company? Why should a National Sales Manager be fired? Let’s find out . . .
On: May 29, 2019 By: Brad Blank
5 Strategies for Building Product Reps to Pass the LEED v4 BD+C Exam
Passing the LEED v4 exam be a difficult enterprise. There are several important skills that one must master before taking the LEED v4 exam. Preparing for the exam will help you successfully navigate content areas and exam questions.
On: May 24, 2019 By: Brad Blank
The Health Product Declaration (HPD) Collaborative has released the HPD Open Standard Version 2.2 for building product contents and associated health information Planned for Q3 2019, full implementation will launch when the HPD Builder, HPD Public Repository and APIs will be updated to compliance with Version 2.2. How does this affect manufacturers?
On: May 20, 2019 By: Brad Blank
The Mystery of Building Product Specification
The word mystery is derived from Middle English, French, and Latin. In ancient Greek, the word mystery was defined as a secret rite. A mystery is something secret or unexplainable, an obscure puzzle, or a secret craft or trade. Building product specification can be a mystery for novices entering the construction industry.
On: May 14, 2019 By: Stacie Townsend
What is E-Waste and Should We Care?
In January 2019, the World Economic Forum released a publication, A New Circular Vision for Electronics: Time for a Global Reboot. It is in support of The E-Waste Coalition, a group of seven UN entities that have joined forces to address the e-waste challenge. E-waste is one of the biggest challenges of the world economy and climate change, and its current system of production and consumption is in need of an overhaul.
On: May 9, 2019 By: Brad Blank
The Age of Flower Power Architecture and How It Transforms Affordable Housing, Smart Growth, and Community Outreach
The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) has launched the Living Building Challenge 4.0 which decreases H2O and building materials requirements. In addition, the ILFI has launched a new sustainable ratings system called Core. How will these formational modifications affect renewable and viable design? Let’s find out . . .
On: May 7, 2019 By: Stacie Townsend
Tiny Houses, Big Deal
It’s hard to preach about sustainable living when just owning or renting a home seems to be a hardship for more people than not lately. Who can think about sustainable choices that may cost more, when it's a struggle to pay the rent or mortgage? So when I write about habits that save electricity or water, or leave a smaller carbon footprint, I do so in the spirit of saving the earth, battling climate change AND saving money.
On: Apr 30, 2019 By: Brad Blank
3 Significant Specification Strategies Every Building Product Manufacturer Should Implement
There are three significant specification strategies that building product manufacturers should consider implementing for their company. Several weeks ago, I attended the Spec Shaman Summit in San Antonio, TX. Over forty building product manufacturers attended the event and the discussions were enlightening. Here’s what I learned…


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