The Benefits of AIA Webinars for Building Product Manufacturers

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Sep 30, 2020

We are in the digital age, and many creative ideas and innovations are reshaping how we do business in the construction industry. One of such innovations enhances seamless communication between building product manufacturers and their clients. Today we will discuss the benefits of AIA webinars for building product manufacturers.

AIA Webinars

AIA webinars have helped manufacturers to communicate effectively with architects and promote their products. Regardless of what you are selling:  paints, doors, windows, and bricks, among countless other buildings products, webinars enhance one-one-one engagement with architects and other construction experts.

Using Webinars is Rewarding for Building Products Manufacturers

If you are a manufacturer in the construction industry and you are yet to integrate webinars into your information system, you're depriving your business of lots of opportunities — but it not too late to get on board. Just so we are on the same page and nobody is left behind in this discussion, we will take a second to explain what webinars and then proceed to their benefits. Good? Let's get on with it!

What is an AIA Webinar?

Think of a business convention or seminar you have attended. Now, imagine that you didn't have to leave your office or home — and you didn't have to worry about dealing with traffic and getting to the venue on time. Wouldn't that be convenient and stress-free? Free AIA webinars help you meet with architects without having to travel the world — think virtual meetings!

So How Do You Host A Webinar?

Hosting a webinar is arguably one of the easiest things to do — and you don't have to be a techie to figure it out. How does it work? First, you need a webinar platform to get across to your client and make your presentation. Having made your choice of the webinar platform, it is now time to create your webinar room — which is where you and the attendee will hold the meeting.

Once you are in the webinar room, you will be able to share files (both pictures and videos), share your screen, and even open applications or websites relevant to your presentation. These features are great for building product manufacturers who list their products online. Oh! Let's Step on the brakes for a second!

While you are at it, have it at the back of your mind that webinars differ from marketing videos. How?

Webinars differ from regular marketing videos because every meeting or presentation is happening in real-time. You can interact and share insightful information about your products with the architect live — as you would in a conventional meeting, but this time it's virtual. Hopefully, you got that.

Now, let's head to our next order of business.

What Are the Benefits of Webinars for Building Product Manufacturers?

Webinars are arguably the best media for manufacturers to market their products in today's world — the Digital Age!

Here are the top benefits of AIA webinars.

Webinars Helps Your Organize Your Online Content

As a manufacturer, it helps to list your products online — you should if you haven't. If you have an online business, adding webinar services will enrich your content library. 


Webinars can be tailored to address concerns about your product from your clients (including architects and suppliers) — thus helping to create a database of information relevant to your products from the purpose of reference. Webinars can discuss topics such as LEED v4.1 certification or Health Product Declarations (HPDs).

Thankfully, virtually all webinar platforms allow you to record highlights of meetings like question and answer sessions. You can post webinar highlights on your social media channels or website or get them converted into articles or blogs to help you build a robust online presence.

Webinars help manufacturers establish Authority

Speaking about "building a strong online presence," webinars have a way of establishing authority — which is something your clients would love to see. Hosting webinars or posting highlights from webinar tells prospective and existing clients how much you have mastered your craft. Also, webinars demonstrate how much you know about what you do because you will enjoy sharing valuable information and answers that your clients seek.

Here is how it works!

If you have a library of webinars that addresses the concerns of people who would be interested in your products, it is bound to recognize you as an authority in the business, and you will be on their mind whenever they need building products in your niche.

Webinars Offers Wider Reach

You know, there is a saying that "the world is a global village." That saying couldn't' have come at a better time. If you are a building product manufacturer doing business in today's digital age, the last thing you should worry about is reaching builders, general and specialty contractors, and architects all over the world.

Webinars give you access to a broad audience base. Thus, making it easy for you to meet with architects effortlessly and, of course, conveniently as well. As a shrewd building product manufacturer, you can leverage webinars to expand your business reach without having to worry about geographical barriers.

Gone are the days when you have to travel every time to meet with clients. Do people still do that? If they still do, you know better. Take the lead with webinars!

That's not all!

Webinars impact digital marketing campaigns and enhances branding value — which are both important factors in the construction industry. Webinars are also an impressive source of sales leads and building trust between manufacturers and architects. It's also a great way of building lasting and profitable business relationships.

Ultimately, webinars are cost-efficient and flexible means of communication. Instead of going through the stress of booking traveling tickets and making reservations, you can easily host a meeting with your mobile gadget.  All you need is a working internet and a webcam enabled device — And you are set to go!


Free AIA webinars are an efficient and cost-effective means of sharing your business ideas and educating architects about your building products. Webinars are also superb for distance education — if you are looking to partake in training and programs, you can't attend in person.

You see, webinars have diverse applications and ample benefits. All you have to do as a building product manufacturer is tailor it to meet your specific needs.

Rest assured that you are going to have smooth meetings with architects and other construction experts. Give webinars a try, and you will be glad you did.

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