3 Ways LEED Education Can Help Product Manufacturers

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Mar 21, 2017
3 Ways LEED Education Can Help Product Manufacturers

LEED certification can be difficult for building product manufacturers to navigate. LEED v4 is a whole new ballgame compared to LEED v3 and previous versions. Due to the addition of new LEED credits, LEED requirements, and documentation such as Health Product Declarations (HPDs), building product manufacturers need to have a thorough knowledge of LEED v4. Luckily, there are free resources available to help building product reps gain the knowledge they need. Free LEED Exam Prep is not only useful but also crucial for the construction industry.

The LEED rating system has helped the design and construction industry accelerate the necessary transition to a sustainable built environment. The only way to ensure that we continue this transition is to increase sustainable design literacy at all levels, from the penniless college student considering a career in architecture, to building product manufacturers who are looking for ways to increase building product specifications. With the launch of the industry's only no-cost LEED exam preparation course, building manufacturers have a needed tool at their disposal. Here are three ways LEED certification training can help product manufacturers.

Get Specified On LEED Projects

Building product manufacturers work very hard to get specified on projects. However, there can be many challenges when trying to get a product specified, much less a LEED project aiming for Platinum certification. Companies don’t need to have an entire team of LEED AP’s, but they should have at least one team member who has a background in LEED certification.

When a building product rep works with an architect on a LEED project, the product rep must know how their product contributes to getting LEED certification. The product rep should be well versed in what potential LEED credits apply to their building product. A common misconception still advanced by some product manufacturers is the concept of a LEED certified product. The USGBC does not certify or endorse products. For product manufacturers to be specified on a LEED project, they must understand the LEED certification and documentation process. Free LEED Exam Prep helps product reps gain the knowledge required to work on LEED projects.

Improve Efficiency and Sustainability At Your Company

Building product manufacturers can increase their company’s sustainability goals by becoming more educated about green building and LEED. There are some manufacturers who have no LEED professionals on staff and therefore have a difficult time laying the groundwork to improve their company’s sustainability initiatives. By investing in LEED education, your company can train a team member to help transition your organization into a sustainable brand.

The triple bottom line is often discussed in sustainability. The term was coined by John Elkington in his book Cannibals with Forks: the Triple Bottom Line of 21st Century Business. The triple bottom line concept incorporates a view for assessing possible effects and best practices for three kinds of resources: People, Planet, and Profit. The objective of the triple bottom line, in terms of green-building, is to ensure that buildings and communities create value for all stakeholders, not just a few. For example, an energy-efficient building that saves the owners money but makes the occupants unhealthy is not sustainable, nor is a material that has a small carbon footprint but was made in a factory by child labor, nor is a fancy eco-resort that displaces native peoples.

Some product manufacturers have been accused of greenwashing due to ignorance or shameless false promotions. Educating your team about LEED v4 can help correct any false information related to your products and improve your sustainability goals. LEED is an excellent tool that can help you both reduce the environmental impact and the cost associated with running your facility. Recycling, green cleaning, the materials supply chain, and infrastructure are all addressed by LEED. Free LEED Certification training can bring your staff up to speed on these important topics and how they can benefit your company.

Employee Productivity and Retention

LEED certification training is beneficial for building product manufacturers for two key reasons: productivity and retention. Instead of hiring a third party consultant to provide basic LEED related services, your employees can be more productive by doing the job themselves. Although there is LEED documentation that may require an expert, such as developing Health Product Declarations (HPDs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), a basic understanding of the LEED rating system can go a long way. The more educated your product reps are about LEED, the less time they will need researching questions that architects throw at them like Molotov cocktails!

Untrained staff can drain your resources and distract your best people from urgent and important tasks. Training your employees will let them know that you are interested in developing their skills. As a result, employees tend to stay longer and contribute more to your business. Replacing and training staff is expensive and time consuming. Providing free LEED Certification training is a great way to help your employees gain new skills and contribute to your bottom line.

LEED Certification Training Process

Obtaining a LEED credential is a straightforward process. The LEED Exam requirements have been simplified over the past few years. The LEED Green Associate exam fee is $200 for USGBC members, $100 for students, and $250 for non-members. Although there is still a fee to take the exam, the good news is that building product manufacturers no longer need to fork out several hundred dollars to train a single employee. Over the past ten years, education providers have been selling LEED exam prep materials for high fees. Although building technologies and methods of learning have changed drastically during this period, the underlying model of "fee for participation" for LEED exam prep has remained the only option to date. Luckily, for building product manufacturers there is now a no-cost method to train one employee or several thousand employees about LEED certification.

Instead of forking out a small fortune to buy your employees a LEED study guide, LEED practice questions, LEED study sheets, LEED practice exams, and other resources, a free LEED Exam Prep program is now available to train your employees. Education provides us with knowledge about the world around us. It helps pave the way for a good career or become a better employee. Does your company provide LEED certification training? Has LEED education helped your employees achieve better results in the marketplace?

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