4 Steps to Getting Your Building Products Specified

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Aug 13, 2018
4 Steps to Getting Your Building Products Specified

Are there four magic steps to getting your product specified? According to best-selling author Jeffery Fox, there are four steps to every sale. Product reps should always be working on these various steps through the work day to close any deal. What are the four steps of every deal that can be applied to getting specified?

Getting A Lead

First, you need a lead. This can be a referral, an introduction, or request by a decision maker. A project architect has contacted your office to find out about fire rating tests of your doors or the colors of your split face CMU. The lead opens the door to the possibility of getting specified.

Getting an Appointment

Your next mission is to get an appointment with the decision maker. This could be the specifier, project architect, interior designer, engineer, or sustainability contact depending on your building product. Getting an appointment is not always an easy job. Sometimes it can be like Mission Impossible.

There are a host of gatekeepers at large AEC firms. They may be the front desk person, firm librarian, CAD operator, or god forbid they have the janitor manning the front door with a helmet and a potato gun. Your mission is to be polite, persistent, and set a firm appointment with the decision maker.

Meeting the Decision Maker

It is crucial to meet the decision. Although this isn’t always necessary for every project, if you have never had your building product specified by a particular AEC firm, then meeting the decision maker is important. You need to identify your goals before the visit. Is this an introductory call or design phase/project specific?

Sometimes the best way to meet the decision makers and educate them about your products is to deliver an AIA lunch and learn. AIA box lunch presentations are a great tool to reaching the powers that be. Many AEC firms are busy and may not have time to spare for a visit unless an AIA CE hour is involved.

Obtaining the Specification Opportunity

Getting your product specified will not happen overnight. Sometimes it can take years. Product specification is a long game. You need to become a team member. It will take time to gain the trust and confidence of the decision makers. Your reward will be having your product in the office master specifications.

Every day you should be working on one of the four steps listed above. It’s crucial that you and your team also have the appropriate resources when you visit the decision makers. 3 Part Guide specs, LEED product documentation, and HPDs can help with LEED v4 projects. How does your company get your products specified?

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