How Free Webinars Help Sell Building Products

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Sep 18, 2020

Webinar marketing is the use of an online seminar to promote your business and gain new customers. Free webinars provide valuable information to an audience in hopes of selling a product or service. Webinars are a high-quality introduction to your business, and they allow customers to get to know you, see your value, and begin to trust you before purchasing. When it comes time to buy, they’ve already built a relationship with you and feel confident in taking that next step.

Interested in learning more? Here’s how free webinars can help building product manufacturers. Although architects and specifiers don’t purchase products, they are critical decision makers in the specification process. Therefore, getting their attention and educating them is important.

The Benefits of Free Webinars

As a building product manufacturer, you may think, “A free webinar? I don’t have time for one more thing on my plate!”  And yes, a webinar is one more thing you’d have to create as a marketing tool. However, they’re often incredibly successful because they help generate tons of new leads in just an hour’s time. In addition, there are companies that can create your webinar from scratch.

You can do it live and then record to post

Webinars provide value because they’re an online presentation that engages directly with their audience. Often, they are recorded live. However, if you’re not quite ready to go live in front of an audience (or you’re worried about fitting it in your schedule regularly), then there is an alternative.

You can set one date for your webinar and prerecord it as a way to continually connect with all of the newcomers to your website. You can then post it and offer it as a free AIA online course that potential customers find when looking for information about your building products and services. While companies often create downloadable checklists and eBooks, webinars are a different type of magnet with a more distinct way to way to make an impression and offer value.

You provide an introduction to your products and services

A webinar serves as the perfect introduction to your products and services. Typically, webinars consist of a presentation about your business followed by a Q&A session. It’s a visual medium that helps participants connect with the business and who they may be working with. If you’ve kept a prerecorded webinar up on your website, then you’ll still be able to answer some frequently asked questions, even though the new watcher won’t be able to ask their own questions.

You quickly connect with participants

Businesses often struggle with responding to customers immediately. Did you know that responding to leads within 5 minutes dramatically increases the likelihood of connecting with a prospective customer? As a building product manufacturer, you may not be able to respond to each lead within five minutes throughout the day.  However, you can instantly connect with architects, contractors, engineers, interior designers, and other professionals through a webinar that provides them information and value about your company’s products and services.

You showcase your expertise

Contrary to popular belief, a free webinar is not a sales pitch. It’s not about selling the person watching on a specific building product, but rather about giving them valuable information surrounding a product or service that you specialize in. Confused? If you’re looking for a great free webinar topic, consider a popular blog post topic you already have up on your website. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same but staying within the same topic range that you know your potential customers are seeking can help you create something enticing.

Final thoughts

As a building product manufacturer, free AIA webinars and LEED webinars can help you promote doors, windows, roofs, plumbing, or other products. It’s a different way to provide value and drive leads that eventually result in sales. Showcase your expertise in a live webinar to post to your website later. It adds a personal touch to your marketing technique that’s all about value. 

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