LEED Exam Study Skills For Building Product Reps

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Apr 6, 2017
LEED Exam Study Skills For Building Product Reps

LEED exam prep can be difficult for building product manufacturers to navigate. LEED v4 is significantly different compared to LEED v3 and previous versions. Due to the addition of new Materials and Resources LEED credits and documentation such as Health Product Declarations (HPDs) building product manufacturers need to have a thorough knowledge of LEED v4. When a manufacturer’s rep works with an architect on a LEED project, the rep must know how their product contributes to LEED certification. The product rep should be well versed in the LEED v4 credits that apply to their building product. Passing the LEED Green Associate exam is the first step to becoming competent in LEED v4.

Passing the LEED Exam

In a previous blog we explained the LEED Exam requirements and costs, so we’ll jump right into the skills needed to pass the LEED exam. After arriving at the Prometric testing center, you will have ten minutes to review the test procedures. Building product reps will have two hours to answer 100 LEED exam questions. A score of 170 is required to pass the exam. There are two types of skills needed to pass the LEED Green Associate Exam which include test taking skills and study skills.

LEED Exam Test Skills

It is important to study the night before the exam with only the material highlights. If you are well prepared, it is more likely that you will feel confident when taking the exam. Wear something comfortable to the Prometric testing center. The worst thing that can happen is that you start losing concentration in the middle of the exam because you are wearing tight Rhinestone studded leather chaps. You might fail the exam and pass out of your chair from blood loss!

Choose a convenient date to take the exam that is non-stressful. Don’t schedule any meetings before or after the test so your full attention is dedicated to the LEED exam. After arriving at the Prometric testing center, pay attention to the first ten-minute review of how the computer testing works so it does not distract you from the test. If you have trouble concentrating during the LEED exam, close your eyes for a minute and relax, think of something positive such as the big raise your boss is going to give you after you receive your new credential. If there is a LEED question you don’t know, take your best guess and mark it so you can come back to it. You have a higher chance getting the point by offering an answer then without even trying. Go through the test at a steady pace. Don’t let one question keep you from going on.

LEED Exam Study Skills

Review LEED exam prep materials several times using different formats. Participating in a free LEED Exam Prep course can help you jump-start your quest to pass the test. Reading study materials to yourself and out loud is another effective method for some people. Take practice LEED exams to sharpen your skills for the test. Use flash cards to memorize crucial information. Another approach is to take notes and highlight important terms and phrases from the LEED study guide.

Give material context by applying it to your own life and work. What questions do architects and spec writers hammer you with about LEED v4 and your building products? How can obtaining your LEED GA help your company avoid common pitfalls and misstatements when communicating the sustainability benefits of your building products? How can you assess current and future opportunities to increase product contributions toward LEED certification?

Study effectively to retain the material for the exam and for application. Some people find that studying with a partner and/or group is helpful. Others find that studying in short blocks of time and not cramming for the exam is helpful. Luckily, there are several free resources available to help building product reps gain the knowledge they need. Currently, free LEED exam prep resources include a LEED study guide, LEED practice questions, and LEED study sheets. Education provides us with knowledge about the world around us. It helps pave the way for a good career. Does your company provide LEED certification training? Has LEED education helped your employees achieve better results in the marketplace?

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